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Dr. Bert Spector has 40 years of experience conducting and directing studies, assessments, training and technical assistance programs internationally, specializing in the anti-corruption and conflict resolution fields. For the past 20 years at MSI, he has focused his attention on designing and implementing practical programs to fight corruption and strengthen good governance and integrity in developing countries. In addition to writing two books, several program papers and handbooks in use by the U.S. government in the anti-corruption field, he has directed and managed major multi-million dollar anti-corruption technical assistance and training programs sponsored by USAID in many countries around the world, including Indonesia, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Albania and Paraguay. He has provided firsthand support, conducted political economy analyses, and offered training directly to governmental decision makers, civil society organizations, businesses and the mass media in designing and implementing significant anti-corruption initiatives in Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, Africa, Latin America and Asia. Bert has conducted extensive field work in Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo, Namibia, Cameroon, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Vietnam and Paraguay, among others. In the area of conflict resolution, Bert has been the editor-in-chief of "International Negotiation: A Journal of Theory and Practice" for the past 22 years. He also publishes research papers and books on negotiation processes. He received his doctorate in political science from New York University.

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