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We promote the rule of law by supporting institutional reform, judicial training, legal aid networks, access to justice, alternative dispute resolution, human rights protections and institutional capacity building.

With substantively diverse and geographically broad experience, we have an established record of delivering complex, high-quality programming globally.  We possess expertise in the unique issues arising in conflict and post-conflict settings. From human rights protection in post-war Sri Lanka to developing Afghanistan’s informal justice sector, to developing the capacity of the Government of Iraq to investigate citizen complaints, we have played critical roles in advancing the rule of law worldwide.

In Mexico, we developed specialized tools, models and approaches working within and between justice sector and law enforcement institutions to assist in improving their operational performance, efficiency and quality of services. 

This included an Institutional Excellence self-assessment tool, case management and prioritization models, specialized pre-trial service units to reduce pre-trial detention abuses, and a rapid results methodology that challenges key stakeholders to make improvements in processes for the scheduling and disposition of criminal cases.

We also integrate our rule of law expertise in other sectors, leveraging our strong credentials in the anti-corruption sphere, and applying M&E and learning expertise to interventions that are tailored and adapted to changing needs.

Our rule of law experience is complemented by our analytical work conducting justice and security sector assessments, rule of law evaluations, organized crime and trafficking research studies, and program design for a wide range of rule of law projects globally.

Our experts have also conducted training on rule of law topics for USAID, the U.S. Department of Defense, and the U.S. Department of State/INL.