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As development gains are hard to achieve amidst conflict and fragility and in its aftermath, we promote peace and stability, creating, in turn, a tenable environment for sustainable development progress.

We provide services in the following areas:

Countering Violent Extremism (CVE): We analyze the drivers of violent extremism, and design and implement development programs to address specific contextual and socio-political dynamics in a country. Careful attention to context and program monitoring allows us to adapt programming as the environment changes and learning occurs.

Resilience: We build household, community, and national resilience in partnership with local governments and civil society. We seek to build on community and family assets to support change.

Stabilization: We help governments and societies manage socio-political transitions and prevent conflicts. Our approach emphasizes close collaboration with critical local partners to build capacity, services, and legitimacy.

Conflict Mitigation: We help communities and governments manage tensions and mitigate the causes and consequences of violent conflict, instability, and extremism through cutting-edge research, capacity building, and tailored programs guided by adaptive management and conflict sensitivity principles. 

Conflict Sensitivity: We provide technical assistance, and adapt program design, policies, protocols, and standard operating procedures, as well as train our staff and partners in conflict sensitivity across the globe. We design and adapt training to specific contexts while integrating Do No Harm principles across the development and humanitarian assistance spectrum.

Inclusive Peacebuilding: We use locally-led approaches to sustain peace, built upon the participation of all stakeholders, including women, youth, and minorities.