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The Pakistan Performance Management Support Contract, PERFORM, is USAID’s largest monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) project, covering its entire $4 billion portfolio. USAID/Pakistan is active throughout the country, including areas that frequently experience instability such as the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).

We have provided a full range of critical performance management services to support the Mission’s achievement of its development objectives. Our work often takes place in challenging political and security environments. 

We provide monitoring, evaluation, assessments, and learning support to provide high-quality analysis and evidence-based data and information. Decision-makers use this information to target resources and inform program design and implementation decisions.  

A unique aspect of our support to USAID is the on-demand provision of a full range of GIS services and products including static and interactive maps, GIS portals, information dashboards, databases, and online and learning tools’ applications. Ultimately, these help to improve information sharing, including best practices, and contribute to the Mission’s learning agenda.

We have also built the most extensive GIS repository in the development sector in Pakistan using state-of-the-art GIS tools. 
USAID/Pakistan’s multi-tiered monitoring strategy is supported by our data quality assessments and third-party monitoring, which includes activity-level site visits, collecting beneficiary and stakeholder feedback, context monitoring, and data validation activities. Our GIS team has also developed an interactive monitoring dashboard to track monitoring activities. 

Learning support includes geospatial data analysis and products, and a wide variety of assistance and capacity building activities for staff and implementing partners. This has led to strengthened performance management skills and processes.  

What makes the PERFORM project truly unique, however, is the ease with which our team and USAID/Pakistan share information using USAID’s existing information management platform. We developed a suite of specialized, online interactive tools to facilitate the smooth exchange of information.