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Providing Monitoring, Evaluation and Survey Services in Vietnam

Contributing to higher-level results and development effectiveness

Since 2014, we have provided technical and consultancy services to USAID/Vietnam through the Monitoring, Evaluation and Survey Services project, including performance evaluations, impact evaluations, just-in-time progress monitoring services, surveys and other studies.

These services assist in program design and learning across the Mission’s portfolio, including health, economic growth and climate change. We aim to strengthen the utilization of performance data and analysis to drive program management and decision-making.

Data gathered by our project teams clarify which goals are being met and where opportunities for improvement exist. We design and implement evaluations utilizing a full continuum of designs, data collection methods and data analysis and visualization tools. We also work directly with technical managers to build their abilities to collect and analyze data for programming and learning purposes.

The results of our efforts are encouraging. In 2016, our team undertook a series of interviews to better understand utilization of evaluation findings. Evaluations strengthen existing programs and inform project decision-making and play a role in long-term program design and extension.

More importantly, we found that evaluations promote learning among staff and partners, shifting the perception of evaluations as tools of critique and recasting them into collaborative support tools for program management.