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Lending Scaling Up Expertise to MacArthur Foundation's 100&Change Competition

Innovation is necessary but not sufficient to tackle big problems

More than 95 percent of project-supported interventions never reach national scale. MSI brings an industry-leading approach, framework, guidelines and tools that increase the odds that ambitious, world-changing ideas overcome systems-level challenges. 

The MacArthur Foundation, which places large bets to drive transformational change, tapped President Emeritus Larry Cooley and our team of scaling up experts to support the six 2020 finalists of the 100&Change Competition: Clinton Health Access Initiative, Community Solutions, National Geographic, Project ECHO, Report for America, and World Mosquito Program. This work builds on MSI’s successful experience supporting the eight semi-finalists and four finalists in the inaugural round of the competition in 2016.

Each proposal in the 100&Change Competition showcases an innovative solution to a major national or global problem. MSI’s charge is to help each of the finalists strengthen their plans for addressing these problems sustainably at scale. Using MSI’s Scaling Up-From Vision to Large-Scale Change as a framework, our experts work with finalists on their scaling plans to build the strongest possible proposals in order to maximize the chances of winning the competition or finding funding elsewhere, if not selected for the $100 million MacArthur award.

Within the broader community of changemakers, MSI leads a Global Community of Practice on Scaling Development Outcomes which provides a platform for knowledge exchange on scaling up development interventions and for championing the idea that scaling expertise can accelerate progress in achieving global development aspirations, such as the Sustainable Development Goals. The community of practice operates nine active working groups and has more than 800 members from 250 institutions.