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Helping Citizens in Colombia

We are working to give citizens a greater voice in decision making, including public spending

Building on experience implementing the USAID-funded CIMIENTOS and Royalties programs, we are implementing the Colombia Regional Governance Activity (RGA).

The project is working to strengthen the ability of sub-national governments to effectively deliver key services in 40 conflict-affected municipalities across nine Colombian departments. Our mission is key to re-establishing the legitimacy of government institutions in areas where the effective state presence was limited during Colombia’s extended civil conflict.

The project is focused on five areas: electoral processes, decentralization, public financial management, rural roads and citizen participation. We also incorporate gender and vulnerable population strategy to ensure that activities are reaching those who have been disenfranchised.

Our assistance has enabled partner municipalities to access resources from the central government and facilitated the development and piloting of new models for engaging private sector actors in the financing of road rehabilitation. 

We have also supported engagement between municipal authorities and citizens to address pressing local problems, greatly expanded citizen oversight, and improved the integrity of electoral systems.

The RGA project is one of many funded by USAID to re-establish state control in various areas through efforts to improve security, fight the drug trade, and foster economic and social development.