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Accelerating Impact at USAID is as Easy as S-T-I-P

Supporting the Global Development Lab’s efforts to integrate STIP into all aspects of the USAID Program Cycle

We work with the U.S. Global Development Lab—established in 2014 as an innovation hub for USAID—to catalyze smart risk-taking through experimentation with new ideas and partnership. While application of science, technology, innovation and partnership (STIP) is certainly not new to USAID programs, the Agency faces a variety of challenges in broad implementation of the STIP agenda.

To address these challenges and take fuller advantage of the opportunities in robust STIP implementation, we lead the Lab’s diverse training efforts for all level of staff. We developed and executed two different live trainings, provide complementary distance learning modules, and also deliver Training of Trainer seminars for Lab and Agency staff.

These are designed so that STIP methodologies can more rapidly and deeply be used across USAID. Train the Trainer programs use the latest adult learning styles, provide curriculum review and recommendations for curriculum updates, and provide ongoing coaching and logistical support.

Complementing the all-staff training options, we also support the Lab’s FSN Talent Exchange Program. This brings Foreign Service Nationals (FSNs) to Washington, DC on a six- to eight-week rotation to learn more about how they can support the integration of STIP in their Missions, based upon their unique understanding of local challenges.

Through this effort, an increasing number of Lab and Agency staff now understand what it means to more fully integrate STIP into all aspects of their work during the USAID Program Cycle and are adjusting accordingly with their teams.